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Hot linefor antifraud measures
044 230 99 59
0 044 124 96 61 808
0 800 509 99 00

Phone of Centralized support service of Internet-banking system

0 800 505 770 (internal calls in Ukraine are free of charge)


Account details will be changed to IBAN format since 05.08.2019. For more information please proceed to the Banks site

!!!Pls, pay attention!!!!

If you got an error The connection is not secured or it is impossible to validate the certificate while you were trying, your browser/OS is out of date and need to be updated:

  • OS Windows (at least XP SP3 version), please be aware that Win XP is out of support and may not get the latest root certificates of the trusted authorities;.
  • browsers: Mozilla Firefox(at least 3.6. version, but not higher then version 50.1.0) and Internet Explorer (at least 7.0. version, but not higher then version 11.0.).
  • Internet-Banking

    The "Document browser" Java applet lets you work with all types of financial documents. It takes 30...60 seconds to load the applet depending on the speed of Internet connection.

    The login window will appear after Java applet will be loaded and initialized. You should point to digital signature Keystore file, choose bank employee key from a list and enter access password for the key.

    If you connect through a proxy server you have to enter it's IP address and TCP port in the dialog box.

    We wish you successful work!

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