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044 230 99 59
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Phone of Centralized support service of Internet-banking system

0 800 505 770 (internal calls in Ukraine are free of charge)

Preliminary registration of corporate clients

It takes 30...60 seconds to load the "Registrator" Java-applet depending on the speed of Internet connection. The new window will appear when Java-applet will be loaded and initialized. User could preliminary register new corporate client, generate and preliminary register new digital signature key pair, change access password for the digital signature key.

The registration procedure consists of two stages. The first stage is independent preliminary registration in the "Registrator" Java-applet. The second stage is the final registration by the attendance of the bank.
  • Stage 1. The preliminary registration in the "Registrator" Java-applet consists of a number of consecutive steps. User should fill in organization's requisites, bank account numbers, contact person information. Next, the generation of the client's digital signature key pair takes place. Public key and all entered information are transfered to the bank Server over a secured connection. Then the user enters a password and saves his private digital signature key to the Keystore (in the file on the diskette). At the last step of registration user prints his public key Certificate, signs it, and brings it to his company management for assurance. Thats all, the first stage is over.
  • Stage 2.User has to personally attend the bank and show public key Certificate printed and signed at the first stage to the bank Administrator. There is no need to carry any diskettes to the bank! The Administrator will find all user information in the system submitted earlier, compare it with the user's bank card. If all information is valid - the Administrator will finally register the client. Thats all, the registration is over.

We wish you successful work!

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